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Since 1954, Pressure Products Industries, Milton Roy has been serving the chemical, petrochemical, fuel cell, Hydrogen refueling, industrial gas, pharmaceutical, and related industries with expertly engineered equipment for gases and liquids under pressure. Our diaphragm compressor, stirred reactor, and magnetic mixer equipment is installed in research facilities, pilot plants and production sites worldwide. And our staff of engineers and designers are called on daily to provide innovative solutions to a wide variety of applications.

If your application requires you to work under pressure -- be it cylinder filling, Hydrogen fueling technology for fuel cell applications, hydrogen compressors, high pressure synthesis, catalyst screening, LDPE plant piping, polymerization, hydrogenation, mixing and so on -- PPI, Milton Roy is likely to have a solution for you at very competitive prices.
PPI, Milton Roy factory; Warminster, PA

Manufacturer of Diaphragm Compressors, Hydrogen Compressors, Hydrogen Fuel Cell Refueling Compressors, Laboratory Agitated Reactors, Dyna/Mag™ Magnetic Mixers, Supercritical Fluid Systems, Custom Reactors, Pressure Vessels, and Other Process Equipment 

Diaphragm Compressor, diaphragm compressors

Diaphragm Compressors

For cylinder filling, fuel cell technology, or transfer of high purity or dangerous gases under pressure -- without contamination or leakage. PPI, Milton Roy's line of diaphragm compressors and Hydrogen compressors includes laboratory and production scale models, single and multi-stage models, with displacements to 400 cfm (680 m3/hr) and pressures to 30,000 psi (2000 bar). A variety of head closure designs, power-frames, accessories, and materials of construction allow PPI, Milton Roy to match a diaphragm compressor to most process parameters. Hydrogen compressor, Fluorine compressors, Oxygen compressors and other hazardous gases. Argon compressor, Helium compressor, Silane compressor, Xenon compressor and other high purity gases. PPI, Milton Roy Ultrafram diaphragm technology and proprietary cavity design provide unmatched diaphragm life.

Hydrogen compressor

Hydrogen Compressor for Fuel Cell Refueling Stations

As the world moves toward the emerging Hydrogen Economy, Pressure Products Industries is at the forefront of Hydrogen compressor technology. PPI, Milton Roy Hydrogen compressors are ideally suited to fuel cell Hydrogen refueling stations. PPI, Milton Roy diaphragm compressors as a high purity hydrogen compressor are currently operating world wide in a variety of production applications.

Laboratory Agitated Reactor, stirred reactor, cstr

Agitated Laboratory Reactors

Pre-engineered stirred reactors for polymerization, catalyst screening and hydrogenation; or custom-designed reactors tailored to your specifications. Available in vessel sizes from 50 to 8000 mL with your choice of agitation, heating, control, and the like.

Dyna/Mag Magnetic Mixers

Dyna/Mag™ Magnetic Mixers

Powerful, leak free and easy to maintain magnetic mixers for research, pilot plant, and production applications. The PPI, Milton Roy Dyna/Magtm magnetic mixer is ideally suited for continuous stirred reactors (CSTR) and batch reactors where mixing and agitation must be contamination-free and leakage cannot be tolerated. The Dyna/Mag mixer is available in several models, offering power up to 25 hp with operating ratings up to 6,000 psi (41 MPa) and 650°F (343°C).

Custom Reactors and Pressure Vessels Custom Reactors and Pressure Vessels

PC Series 5, 10, and 20 gallon stirred reactors for pilot plant and small scale production applications. Custom designed stirred reactors and non-stirred pressure vessels for many applications with sizes from 10 mL to 4000 L and pressure ratings to 150,000 psi (10,000 bar). Tubular, single-ended, and double-ended styles.

Supercritical Fluid Extraction System

Supercritical Fluid Systems

PPI, Milton Roy supplies standard supercritical fluid systems from R&D through pilot plant scale. Components include extraction vessel, separator, high-pressure pump, and complete recycle capability. Among the available standard systems are a 4-liter R&D unit, and a Process Development Unit (PDU). PPI, Milton Roy can also engineer and manufacture a system based on your application and specifications.

High Pressure Valves and Fittings

Other Process Equipment

High pressure valves and fittings, rupture port sleeves, electrodes, check valves, large port valves, gage isolators, threading and coning tools, production quantities of custom- designed items such as double ball check valves. PPI, Milton Roy also offers high-pressure polyethylene and urea processing equipment for pressurized processes such as low-density polyethylene, urea, or coal liquefaction.