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Fuel Cell Refueling Compressor

  • SAFE, reliable Hydrogen compressors to 15,000 psi (1000 bar).

  • Since 1954, PPI, Milton Roy has been the leader in Hydrogen compressor technology.

  • Hydrogen, CNG, or other gases requiring leak tight compression, PPI, Milton Roy has the experience you can rely on.

  • From 1 HP to 200 HP, PPI, Milton Roy has a Hydrogen compressor to meet your needs.
Hydrogen diaphragm compressor

Hydrogen Diaphragm Compressor, Discharge Pressure = 6000 psig (400 bar), Capacity = 30 scfm (48 Nm3/hr)

As the world moves toward the emerging Hydrogen Economy, Pressure Products Industries is at the forefront of Hydrogen compressor technology. PPI, Milton Roy diaphragm compressors are currently operating world wide in a variety of production applications. Hydrogen compressors account for 70% of all diaphragm compressors sold by PPI. PPI, Milton Roy diaphragm compressors have been in operation in automobile hydrogen fuel cell refueling stations since 2001.

Hydrogen fueling station
Fuel cell vehicles at the California Fuel Cell Partnership. Source: CaFCP

Diaphragm compressors are the preferred compression equipment for applications where the environment and safety are of primary concern. Their basic design provides leak tight and non-contaminating gas compression.

PPI, Milton Roy has developed and extensively tested Hydrogen compressors specifically for the demands of hydrogen fuel cell refueling stations. A hydrogen refueling station must be on-line 24/7. PPI, Milton Roy diaphragm compressors for hydrogen refueling stations have been developed using the latest technology in solids modeling and FEA analysis. All Hydrogen compressor working components have been designed and tested for reliability and longevity.

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe. It is an efficient, renewable and non-polluting fuel.

Hydrogen diaphragm compressor

Hydrogen Compressor, Discharge Pressure = 5000 psig (345 bar), Capacity = 20 scfm (32 Nm3/hr)

NEW Ultra-Fram technology™ improves compressor diaphragm life by 30%, guaranteed.

Ultra-Fram technology provides unmatched performance and reliability.

  • Specially processed, super alloy diaphragm material

  • Computer verified, proprietary cavity profiles reduce diaphragm stress

  • High tech polymer coated middle diaphragm reduces friction

Hydrogen refueling station diagram.

With thousands of diaphragm compressor installations worldwide, you can trust PPI, Milton Roy to handle the difficult applications. PPI, Milton Roy has the hydrogen compressor engineering and manufacturing experience you can count on.

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Setting the standard for all pressure product companies, Pressure Products Industries, Milton Roy (PPI) has an assortment of high pressure products available to help make any operation run more smoothly. At PPI, Milton Roy, we work one-on-one with our clients to ensure they receive the right high pressure product for their application, whether it is a diaphragm compressor or hydrogen gas compressor. In addition, PPI, Milton Roy offers equipment for electronic gases and custom chemical reactors.