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Supercritical Fluid Systems

Supercritical Fluid Extraction SystemWith extensive experience in high-pressure reactions and fluid handling, PPI, Milton Roy is a supplier of fully integrated standard and custom systems for the evolving discipline of supercritical fluids.

Standard systems.

PPI, Milton Roy supplies standard systems from R&D through pilot plant scale. Components include extraction vessel, separator, high-pressure pump, and complete recycle capability. Among the available standard systems are a 4-liter R&D unit, and a Process Development Unit (PDU).

  • Request Bulletin PDU-700
  • Extraction: Full diameter, quick-opening breech-lock or simple bolted-closure vessels
  • Separation: High-performance centrifugal, 3-phase liquid level, and tank separators
  • Fractional separation: Two or more separators can be combined; the standard PDU combines centrifugal and liquid level separation for optimum effectiveness
  • Modular options: Dyna/Mag mixer, counter-current column, co-solvent addition
  • Control: Panel-mounted pressure, temperature, and flow control and indication, or PC-based graphical user interface control with time- or event-driven data acquisition

Custom systems

  • PPI, Milton Roy can also engineer and manufacture a system based on your application and specifications

Typical applications

  • Food industry: Decaffeination; extraction of spice, hops, and vanilla bean; defatting of cocoa powder
  • Chemical processing: Polymerization; specialty oil fractionation; counter-current wastewater extraction; aerogel and solgel production
  • Pharmaceuticals: Purification by removal of lipids; supercritical fluid micronizing; RESS process; impregnation of therapeutic agents; medium for enzymatic reactions; residual solvent removal


Receive the best in high pressure products when you employ the products and services of Pressure Products Industries, Milton Roy (PPI). At PPI, Milton Roy, we offer an endless list of high pressure equipment to help all industrial activities run more effectively and smoothly. From custom chemical reactors to equipment for electronic gases, PPI, Milton Roy has it all. Our manufacturing facilities are equipped with top-of-the-line metalworking equipment to ensure that you receive an effective, reliable, and high quality product. Contact PPI today to learn more about our diaphragm compressors, oxygen gas compressors, and cylinder filling compressors.